Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

The best conferences are the ones where everyone participates.

Our code of conduct/anti-harassment policy can be found here.

We want SatRday to be a safe, welcoming space for everyone. To make this happen we are making every effort to prioritise safety, comfort, diversity and accessibility. Below you can find what we are doing, what is under consideration and what we decided not to do (for now).

We want your feedback! If there is something you feel we could do differently, let us know. Please tell us your ideas by filling out the contact form below. We treat all submissions confidentially.

What we are doing

Speaker diversity & quota Our aim to achieve a 50% share, i.e. 50% must be made up of women, people of colour, and other minorities. We do additional research to find relevant speakers from underrepresented groups, which includes checking networks and social media communities that exist for exactly this purpose. If you have recommendations for speakers from underrepresented groups, please let us know in our Notes section in the submission form.

Researching speakers We request that all potential speakers send us a video of their earlier talk(s), blogs, and also have a conversation upfront or via a video call. We will not conduct blind selection (i.e. a blind CFP selection process).

Presentation support We offer support to speakers who are new to public speaking by pairing up new speakers with experienced speakers to give advice and constructive feedback on the presentation material, share learnings, experiences and helpful tips.

Scholarships & discounted tickets We want to create opportunities for underrepresented participants to attend our event, which is why we offer registration waver scholarships/free tickets and discounted tickets to cover all or part of the registration. This includes persons who are unable to attend without some financial assistance, such as students, post-docs, academic researchers, unemployed/job-seeking persons as well as, but not limited to persons from underrepresented and/or marginalised groups including persons identifying as LGBTQ, persons of colour, persons with disabilities, and persons from developing economies.

Photo policy We will have a photographer at our event. We will check with you at the start of the event if you are comfortable with having your photo taken. If you would like to opt out of being photographed or would like a photograph to not be published, please let one of our staff know so we can arrange this.

Language The SatRday event will be hosted in English and we would therefore like to ask all participants to also speak English when conversing with others, even if you share another language with your conversation partners. This makes it easier for others to join.

Gender-inclusive language We will do our best to use gender-neutral language in all communications. If we make a mistake, please let us know!

Reserved accessible seating We will reserve accessible seats at the venue on the first row, near exists, toilets, amenities, etc. Please let us know if you need an accessible seat so we can reserve extra if needed.

Dietary requirements We inquire about dietary requirements during the registration process.

Instructing staff We will discuss our various accessibility and diversity requirements with our hired suppliers. Although we are not responsible for the suppliers we will enforce diversity inclusion if the need arises from, e.g. a complaint from a participant.

Promote global diversity We want to promote global diversity CFP day to encourage everyone that being diversity inclusive is not as hard as it looks, and there’s plenty of support out there to be inclusive: https://www.globaldiversitycfpday.com/

Childcare services We unfortunately cannot provide childcare at this time. We can, however, highly recommend the following childcare services, both based in Berlin:

Quiet room We have a quiet room available where participants and speakers can retreat, if needed.

What is under construction

Diversity consultants This is something that we will look into for those interested in learning more.

Wheelchair accessibility We are checking if our venue has wheelchair access and where the accessibility entrances and exits are.

Hearing & Audio loops We will look into providing hearing and audio loops

Bring your assistant We are considering giving free tickets if you need to bring an assistant. We will have more information on this decision and the requesting process soon.

Gender-inclusive bathrooms We are checking if it is possible to have gender-inclusive bathrooms, i.e. bathrooms that reflect all expressed genders, in our current venue.

Volunteers We are considering offering free seats to volunteers who help out during the conference.

Accessibility fund We are considering offering an accessibility fund to cover provisions for people who need them, e.g. taxi rides, ramps, translators, escorts from airport, etc. in addition to the scholarships and discounts.

Sign language interpreter We will look into having a sign language interpreter to help make conversations inclusive and easy to join for persons who are deaf/hard-of-hearing.

What we decided not to do (for now)

Live captioning At the moment, we have no plans to have live captioning during the event.

Transcriptions & translations on published talks Currently, we don’t have plans to offer transcripts and translations on published talks.